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Yoga Instruction


Ari believes in mind-body centering through awareness and care for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual elements.  They are involved in training and practices to understand and activate ways for them as a white person to decolonize their own yoga practice.  


They are a registered instructor with Yoga Alliance and teach yoga classes within the Louisville community, on campus at UofL, & through private instruction. 

Their physical practice specializes in Yin - a practice dedicated to stillness, deep tissue and joint stretch and release, and developing inner listening to differentiate between discomfort and pain.


For technical and design theatre practitioners, they have developed physical sequences and meditations to create ease and self care within daily repetitive actions and the technical rehearsal process.  Their work with actors assists in the release of energies and tensions from the training room, rehearsal space, and performance work. 

Their training includes:

  • 200-Hour Certification from Eternal Health Yoga in Louisville, KY

  • Yin Yoga Certification with Dennis & Kathy Lang

  • Yoga Scriptural Study with Yog Sadhan Ashram in Chicago, IL

  • Decolonizing Yoga Workshop with Yoga Jubilee

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